The Homeopathy Journal Club

Dr. Ben Goldacre, at Bad Science, has posted a number of recent academic (?) articles from the journal Homeopathy on the subject of the memory of water, a principle at the center of debates over the validity of homeopathy. In addition, he considers the initiation of a journal club on the subject of homeopathy, to provide a forum for critical evaluation of peer-reviewed research in this area.

I don’t want you to feel inhibited, but I do have a bit of a fantasy about setting up an entertaining online journal club (although a formal one already exists), and I was hoping this could be some kind of dry run, although obviously these aren’t mass appeal clinical papers, which are the kind that I’d aim to do in the future.

Even those who do not wish to be active participants in such an effort might benefit from lurking on the sidelines, observing what will hopefully be a good, critical assessment of these seemingly spectacular claims.

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